“Suzanne is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer who was able to improve team cohesion within our various departments in a non-threatening way. Her presentation style was engaging, she developed a rapport with the group quickly. We are still experiencing many positive results from our sessions including the development of our Team Charter - starting a meeting on time is huge!” - Irene Chappell, Clinical Director, OT Consulting / Treatment Services Ltd, Vancouver, BC

“Suzanne is a gifted coach who combines highly attuned intuition with an in-depth knowledge of how to maximize our brain’s capacity. She asks just the right question at the right time, identifies blind spots quickly and focuses on solutions. …I've learned a lot about the brain in the process of working with Suzanne which helps me manage and motivate my team." - Pam Dibbs, President, The Plane Picture Co Inc.

“Suzanne presented at our HR roundtable and gave an engaging presentation on the SCARF model. Suzanne is a dynamic presenter and facilitator; with an interactive approach. Overall, a very worthwhile and educational session.” - Rosa Pezzente, Human Resources Manager

"Working with Suzanne had a huge impact on my way of working and also how to 'dial down' the hard taskmaster I can be for myself. The accountability that Suzanne brought to me in coaching relationship really helped in giving me forward movement. Suzanne helped me get clarity and insight on the power of small steps, helping me achieve 'great' things!"
- Suzanne Daley, 20 year Film Executive

"For the last few years I’ve been interested in leadership development opportunities but something was holding me back. Working with Suzanne helped me recognize the strengths I bring to my leadership role as an introvert and how to leverage these when working with others. Suzanne’s inviting and friendly approach made me feel comfortable from the onset, enabling me to open up and share my challenges and drawing out my views, thoughts, and insights as we worked on my leadership growth. Together we came up with tips, strategies and solutions, enabling me to bring my best to the role I play in various areas. Increasing my focus on positive thinking, catching myself when I’m over-thinking, celebrating my successes and achievements and recognizing the advantages of being an introverted leader are a few of my take-aways from working with Suzanne. I highly recommend Suzanne as an executive and leadership coach to anyone who wants to take their leadership skills to the next level."
Lance Nose, Director, Finance & Administration, Association of BC Forest Professionals

"In addition to her energy and enthusiasm, Suzanne brings a deep understanding to her work. Her workshop enabled our students to gain a better understanding of their strengths and recognize their areas of growth as well as discover how individual differences and personality preferences could impact interactions – for better and for worse! During the workshop, the students developed strategies to improve their effectiveness in their relationships not only with their cohort, but also with other students as well as their with their parents."
- Danielle Arcand, Directrice adjointe
Bureau des affaires francophones et francophiles (BAFF)
Responsable des programmes du BAFF à la Faculté d’éducation
Université Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC

"Working with Suzanne helped me crystalize my vision, get clear on my values,  and effectively make a pitch to my senior team which opened up new channels and land an Executive position." 
- Executive, Finance Sector

About Me

Owner of 20/20 Vision Coaching Services, Suzanne is an experienced certified executive, leadership coach and team development consultant with a focus on supporting leaders and their team to achieve their full potential. Suzanne has over 20 years’ experience working with leadership teams in governmental, private and non-profit sectors in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Suzanne partners with individuals and leaders who are passionate about what they do and aspire to greater heights.  Skilled at identifying potential in others, her unique expertise lies in supporting her clients and teams identify and leverage their strengths, increase awareness of their blind spots, soften their edges and develop capabilities so that they may lead themselves, inspire and engage others, achieve desired results and transform organizational cultures.

Driven to understand what makes people ‘tick’, Suzanne draws on her background in Psychology and brings new findings from the field of Neuroscience to her performance coaching and innovative learning programs. She is skilled at helping clients translate this knowledge and information into practical application to improve collaboration, communication and performance. Clients often work with Suzanne at a time of growth and transition, and her down-to-earth and bold approach empowers them to get to the core of the matter, stretch beyond their comfort zone and come up with creative and sustainable change in their professional and personal life. Safety, trust and confidentiality are a priority in her coaching relationships.

Experienced in instructional design and group facilitation, Suzanne has created and delivered customized leadership development programs and workshops incorporating these insights from neuroscience on topics including enhancing communication skills, building client relationships, improving team cohesion, understanding decision-making, increasing emotional intelligence and undertaking difficult conversations.

Suzanne brings an extensive toolbox of assessments to support clients and teams to sharpen their leadership skills and elevate performance, including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Steps I and II and True Colors, the Emotional Intelligence Inventory EQ-2.0 and 360 assessment as well as LEADS in a Caring Environment.

As President of International Coach Federation (ICF) Vancouver Chapter, Suzanne upholds high standards of excellence for the professionalism of coaching and provides leadership and strategic vision for the Chapter. Intent on giving back, Suzanne also served on the Board of ICF Vancouver Chapter as Programs Director (2012-2013) and was appointed Vice-President in 2013. Suzanne also provides pro-bono coaching to senior executives in not-for-profit organizations and to women from the Minerva Foundation for BC Women.

Her interest in neuroscience and its implications for enhancing human performance led her to establish and Chair the Vancouver Neuroleadership Interest Group since 2012.

And finally....

After spending sixteen years in the United Kingdom, Suzanne now lives in North Vancouver, BC with her husband, two great, and at time trying!, teenagers and their 'alpha' Yorkie-Poo!

Suzanne's background includes:


  • Masters in Psychology (Laval University)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Neuroleadership -with Distinction, Neuroleadership Institute
  • (New York, NY)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Health (Brighton, UK)
  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC)
  • International Coach Federation Accredited Certified Coach (ACC)
  • LEADS 360 certified
  • Emotional Intelligence EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-i 360 Qualified Practitioner
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory Steps I and II 
  • True Colors International Certified Practitioner
  • President of the International Coach Federation Vancouver Chapter
  • Founder and Chair of the Neuroleadership Institute Affiliated Interest Group

To find out how Suzanne can be of service to you, your organization and your team, contact 778-242-5520 or send an email at info@2020visioncoaching.com.

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